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06 Mar

Driverless Cars

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Autonomous Cars - The Future Of Driving

Are driverless cars the future of motoring?

There has been a large amount of coverage regarding this subject as of late, with a number of companies, including Google trying their hand at driverless vehicles A Department for Transport review of road laws has given the trials the green light. Three different autonomous vehicles will start operating from this spring in public urban spaces, in tests that will assess the public’s interaction with the vehicles as well as the advancement in technology. It’s been said that the driverless car market could lead to an industry worth a staggering £900bn and possibly a more planet friendly and cost effective industry than the motor industry we have today.

Impact on Manufacturers and Insurers

What does having driverless cars means to the motor industry? Would computers now also build the cars as well as drive them? And how would the insurance industry deal with claims and proportion responsibility/liability? Who would be to blame if two vehicles collided due to a computer malfunction, or what if a sonar sensor didn’t pick up the small child crossing a road until it was too late? All these questions pose an even larger more pressing issue. Is ‘A.I.’ (Artificial Intelligence) really more reliable than that of a well-trained human driver and can we solely rely on this technology to keep us safe whilst travelling in our vehicles?

We have compiled a list of the pros and cons, if cars were totally controlled by technology in the future:


  • Cars speed could be controlled via computer. Therefore meaning cars were unable to break speed limits entirely
  • Drivers bad habits e.g. lane hogging, tailgating and not indicating etc would be eradicated
  • Roads may become safer and less fatal crashes
  • No congestion or traffic
  • Only designated people would be able to use vehicle, ending all car theft


  • Technology can go wrong. For instance many people have ended up in a ditch or lost due to following their Sat Nav system
  • Compassionate driving qualities such as giving way, or allowing someone to cross on a green light would no longer be allowed
  • ‘Driver’ would now be able to use electronic devices or read a paper and be completely distracted from road ahead
  • Routes completely controlled by on board computer, so unless the systems were up to the minute updated, road closures and accidents would not be avoided
  • Car Prices would increase dramatically, causing some families to be unable to commute to workplace or visit family

Of course we are only speculating, but some of these could well be an outcome of having driverless cars. As we know they are only testing these vehicles, but it could well become an everyday reality. Doesn’t taking away the control of your vehicle take away everything that is good about driving?

Driving - We will miss you

Losing the excitement of your first lesson, raring to go, only to stall 15 times outside your house in front of all your hysterical friends. Or passing your test after the 3rd time of trying, with a beaming smile across your face, happily telling your patient and hopeful driving instructor that they are finally rid of you. Do we really want to say goodbye to all of this? Is this the way we want our motoring experience to go? Tell us what driverless cars mean to you and what your views are on the direction the motoring world may be headed.

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