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Cyber Insurance for Driving Instructors

Why Choose Us?

Watkin Davies provides bespoke cyber risk and cyber liability insurance across a variety of sectors. Our team of experts work with you to find the right multi-dimensional cyber risk solution against data breach and cyber-crime attacks, as well as providing valuable risk management advice and support.

We source compatible solutions from a number of market leading insurers, taking into consideration the risk features of each individual organisation we work with to ensure that we deliver cost effective solutions for our clients

What is Cyber and Data Risks Insurance?

Cyber risk is now widely accepted as being one of the top emerging risks. As the pace of technological advancements continues to grow, organisations’ reliance on computer networks and the information they hold and process has become critical in their ability to offer products and services, interact with customers and employees and generate revenue.

What does it do?

Cyber and data insurance is designed to support and protect you from evolving e-risks. It provides comprehensive cover for your computer systems and data, whether electronic or otherwise. Even if you store data with a cloud provider, you should carefully consider the legal contract you enter into, as whilst the risk of a data breach is reduced, the liability may still fall on you.

A Cyber policy is designed to cover you against stolen funds or theft of ID, loss or theft of data and damage to IT systems and networks, as well as replacing any stolen or infected devices. In addition to this, in the event of a breach, there may be further costs involved in notifying those affected, providing Credit Monitoring, dealing with regulatory bodies, and in some cases paying compensation, as well as re-building brand confidence through public relations advice and campaigns.

Cyber Insurance cover can include:

Cover Summary
Breach Costs

Data breach - forensic investigation and legal advice, customer notifications and support

Cyber Business Interruption

Compensation for loss of income as a result of a hacker preventing your business earning revenue

Hacker Damage

Repair and restoration of websites and programs damaged by a hacker

Cyber Extortion

Ransom cover and expert consultancy on managing and mitigating an attack

Crisis Containment

Mitigating reputational damage from a data breach using specialist public relations management

Privacy Protection

Defend and settle claims made by customers alleging personal data breaches, regulatory investigation costs and civil penalties

Multimedia Liability

Coverage for third party claims arising from copyright/trademark infringement, libel, slander, plagiarism or personal injury

Payment Card Data Security Standards

If cardholder data is stolen, your business may be responsible for tremendous damages that might occur. Credit card data that has been breached can lead to fraudulent purchases and extensive card re-issuance expenses, all which can fall on your business

Optional cover available for:

Cyber crime

This section provides cover against any unauthorised electronic funds transfer, theft of money or other financial assets from your bank by electronic means, including fraudulent manipulation of electronic documentation whilst stored on your computer systems; or any phishing, vishing or other social engineering attacks

Telephone hacking

Costs of telephone calls made by an external hacker following a breach of your computer network

This is only a summary of the policy cover. It is important that you read the full policy terms and conditions which will be provided with your quotation.

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