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Excess Waiver

ADI & PDI Car Insurance from Instructor cover Plus

What is Excess Waiver Insurance

Excess Waiver insurance allows you to claim back your excess on any one insurance claim made during the 12-month period of your car insurance policy. Situations where excess protection insurance can be used include in cases of accidental damage, malicious damage, theft or attempted theft and fire.

You can also claim your excess back on a claim where you’re at fault, or where the other party’s identity cannot be confirmed.

Why Take Out Excess Waiver Insurance?

The benefits of Excess waiver cover are great. For instance, it covers your full policy excess – so that’s voluntary and compulsory excesses all in one! 

Following an accident or malicious damage, fire or theft claim the last thing you want is to pay out an excess when you collect your car from the garage after the repairs are completed. Taking out an Excess Waiver Policy will save you the hassle of finding that extra cash as the Insurer will pay your Motor Insurance policy excess up to the amount shown in the policy wording.

Having a comprehensive Excess Waiver policy in place will certainly ease the stress too of what will already be a stressful time for you, giving you assurance against financial loss if your tuition vehicle is damaged by a fault accident, or if you are hit by an unidentified driver.

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Keeping You Motoring

We know that cash flow is important to running your business, so unlike some other Excess Waiver policies where you pay and then reclaim, our insurer will pay the garage for you prior to collecting the vehicle. Low excess waiver premiums mean that cover is available for a fraction of the excess amount. Why not add the cover on your new policy or renewal with us.* This is just one of a number of additional covers we have designed for you, the driving instructor. Have a chat with one of our experienced advisors Call 02920 629413

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Keep Motoring

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