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Cheap ADI Insurance

Our top tips for Driving Instructors to help you reduce the cost of your insurance.

When it comes to arranging Driving Instructor Insurance, the factors that affect the premium are often very different to standard motor insurance. To save money on a standard car insurance policy you could choose to reduce your cover or increase your policy excess. As this is a specialist policy, the cover available and excess are often fixed. Our policy is Comprehensive cover and has a £150 excess.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you understand the rating factors and maybe help you reduce your costs.

It is essential to always provide accurate information when arranging cover and it is also important to let your insurer know of any change in your circumstances.

Change in drivers

Driving Instructor insurance will cover any driver for tuition purposes, however you may need to name younger drivers for social use. If you have a young driver already on your policy, ask yourself is it really a necessity that they are on your policy. For example, if they are away at university, no longer live at home or now own a vehicle. Removing a younger driver could be the chance to save on your premium. This could also apply to other instructors named on your policy.

Car group

The car you choose will be one of the main rating factors for your insurance. The lower the insurance group of your car the cheaper the premium. In general, smaller cars with lower engine sizes are the lowest group. If you are due to change your vehicle this could be something for consideration. Feel free to call us to check the car group and find out the quote for your new car.


Off road parking or garaging your car could help lower your premium, is this is an option for you? If you decide to take this option, be aware that your insurer could impose a garaging clause on your policy. This could exclude theft or malicious damage cover if your car, whilst at home, wasn’t parked where you stated overnight.

No Claims Discount

The No Claim Bonus you earn each year is the biggest saving on your car insurance. We offer up to 70% discount for the maximum 9 years bonus. We may be able to offer the same discount even if you don’t have any no claims bonus to use on your Driving Instructor vehicle, as long as you can evidence, claim free experience on another car or with a Driving School franchise.

Cashback and Offers

When you take out your Driving Instructor Insurance with us, at no extra cost, we include access to exclusive offers on every day shopping, holidays, eating out, gym memberships and more.

If you take advantage of these offers, you could save £100s and even £1000s every year.

For example, if you spend £100 a week on groceries, our discounts with Supermarkets alone could save you over £300.

You can read more about our rewards scheme here.

These are our tips for savings on Driving Instructor Insurance. Do you have any you could add? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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